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Update!! An early build of anti.davidendler.com is up and running. . .there's not much there though. ..You can check it out by pressing the link below. .. Remember, this site is not run by davidendler.com. . .it is merely hosted. . .and as such, the quality may not be as high. . .and it may not maintain a pg-11.5 rating. . .Anyways, go check out my rival. . !

For those of you who have been to the messageboard.. . you already know!! Chris Durham has declared his attempt to take on the best of the best and create his own website, a site that, if anything else, makes sure to have plenty of anti-Davidendler.com comments. . .
The best part about chris's attempt at website greatness is the fact than davidendler.com is hosting him. . .That's right!! Chris's site will soon be up and running at anti.davidendler.com

So, when will this be up!? This David Endler/ Chris Durham rivalry will commence soon. . .as soon as Mr. Durham decides to get off his lazy butt and get his core site done. . !

Until then. . .this page is under construction!!