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Version 3.2
"Gaming Funness. . .Yay!"
If you didn't notice, there are now two more games to enjoy. . .To get there click on the Games Page 2 on my Home Page, or simply press the "Push ME" button to the left of the time. . .

A quick note. . .Tell me. . .Are you one of those people who waste countless hours surfing 'da net. . ? Be honest. . . Why, you ask. . ? Because this page can help you waste even more countless hours! Alright! Now, about these games. Just click on the link in blue next to each paragraph explaining what in the world each game I have on here is. Then, a new web page will open (except for Tetris/Snake--the page will just refresh. . ) and you'll be able to have fun/misery with the game you selected.

One more thing. . .About these games. . .I stole them. . .Yes, I freely admit it. . .Even though I am immaculate (oooh. . .akward word choice. . .ah well) at designing websites, I am not "immaculate" at designing videogames. . .It is far easier to steal them. In fact, it is probably easier to steal whole websites, but alas, I would prefer to add that personal touch, if you may. Anyway, the games are below. . .Enjoy!!

(Editor's Note: Okay. .. Okay. . .In order to insure I am not prosecuted for committing a crime (aside from mentally scarring any viewers for the rest of their life; remember you came in by choice!!) that has not happened, I suppose I should explain how I got these games. By scouring for what I'm positive was countless hours for entertainment for you, the loyal viewer, I was able to come across several excellent free games. . .These are the best of the best. . .Well. . .go at it!!)
Pacman. . .C'mon do you really not know what Pacman is!? One of the most popular games of all time, Pacman is a game where you eat little dots and well, try not to be killed by ghosts. Confused. . . ? Ya, I am too. Why don't you just go give it a try. !? 
Flash Pacman
Lunar Lander. . .ah, another classic. . . The only problem with this one is it's a "Forgotten Classic!" Ya, no remembers it, but now you can. Go land that space ship!!
Flash Lunar Lander
Tetris. . .Considered by many to be the best game of all time. . . Tetris's broad appeal comes from the game's simplicity--you make rectangles faster and faster. .. If this sounds fun to you, I think you need to try to get out a little more; if it doesn't sound fun to you, try it, you might/probably will get addicted. . .In fact, last I heard, in several third world countries Tetris has been banned for being far more addicting--and dangerous than nicotine. . .and uh, all those other dangerous drugs combined. . . 
Click here to play Tetris!!
Snake. . .This is the king of all cell phones. . .This game, also very simple, gave people newfound joy in classrooms and at bus stops around the world as they discovered there was something they could do to alleviate their boredom-- beat their high score in Snake. Now you can enjoy the experience on your computer. Move the snake and eat those apple-thingys. . !
Click here to play a cool version of Snakes!!
Games That Don't Deserve as Much Love
Pong. . .You use a paddle "to whapp" a ball and stuff. . .This is a two player version for you to utilize in bonding sessions with spouses/sibilings!!
Pong (Two Player)
Well, for those upset by a lack of card games. . .here's blackjack. . .Your only option!! Hey, at least I threw you a crumb. . .Go broaden your horizons or something and play the others. . .
Shockwave River Belle Blackjack
I don't know how this got here. . .honest. . .Gulp. . .Enter at your own risk. . .I think my web page might be haunted. . .Any deaths/broken bones/fractured egos caused by clicking on this link are not my fault. . .And if it's fun. . I salute your bravery/stupidity. . .. ;)
Whack A Duck