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10/16/03 Ended Two Month Hiatus: Began the Impossible.
10/17/03: "Modernized" the board links; more to come. 
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All the stuff below is really coming at some point; but, right now all you get is. . .well. . .needed modifications. . . EVENTUALLY: Help page, Enhancements, Upgrades, the Kitchen Sink, Meet World Page, Rival Site, cont. revamp.
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Curious!? Just don't remember!? Never did!? Either way, for a limited time, the old home page can be viewed for a little longer (to compare to the new one--or just to point and laugh at it) before it fades off into history in the ARCHIVES. . .
May 18, 2003 (Much. . . Later in the night (Yawn))

"Oooh!! A Different Color, Another Pretty Face--and A Scrolling Marquee! Ehhs!!"

Instead of studying for the finals I swear I dont have, I have made it a mission to revitalize the once thriving fanbase that was known primarily as "The Sixth-David Endler-Manderbeast thingee". If the above sentence made no sense, then try reading it backwards three times fast. . .If it still makes no sense, blame Andrew Woods. . .On that note, the Message Board, at the very least is like, way cooler! Oh, and I swear I'm straight, really. . .

May 18, 2003 (Later in the night)
Responses have been made to any posts on the message boards. . .Oh, and any of you who have those bloody web blogs, you're not straight. . .

May 18, 2003:
Okay, okay, last update I totally lied. After falling off the face of the earth numerous times, meeting women--and a goat--who were far too cool for me, discovering that there is a Real Cancun, and being reminded by just about everyone nice enough to humor that in actuality I am not funny, and am infact only capable of making incredibly long run on sentences that usually have nothing to with anything important except for the phythagorean therom--which I fully admit to not knowing whether I can spell correctly- (but anyway back to my run-on sentence) where was I? No idea. . .

SLAP!! (Uh, I'm Rick James!?)

Anyway, to stop such pointless rambling (if you're still reading this (god help (wow that's a lot of parenthesis inside of more parenthesis) your soul) let me say that now that school is just about, even though I never really attended class at FSU, I did afterall at least sleep there, but to get to the point instead of off topic again--hey that reminds me, how 'bout those LAKERS Andrew Woods; and to all those Laker fans how 'bout the FRESNO STATE EQUESTRIAN TEAM!! Blast that Title IX poppycock-- Anyway, what I was trying to say was, I have no excuses left to make about having no time to do random things on this web site. ..

So without further ado, expect updates, and fear them. . .oh yes. . .

Mwa ha ha ha hee. . ..

February 12, 2003:
YES: It is time. David Endler just remembered he has a website. . .And way too much free time. . .Oh YA!! WE'RE coming back baby!!

November 19, 2003:
I know this endless supply of text is starting to become nothing more than an extravagant web blog, but I'll take care of that this weekend. . .Updates seem somewhat unlikely tomorrow/today, but I could be wrong. I have my first track meet tomorrow, so my priority is back away from this site again. . .Anyway, I know this text is NOT funny--and hardly entertaining, but I'll fix that by this weekend, I swear. . .And with that DAVID: Holla OUT. . .

November 18, 2003:
Check back late tonight to see the new goodies. . .

November 17, 2003:
As I TRIED to mention, the updates are slow. This is because of, more than anything, my inablility to organize anything efficiently on my site. In other words, everything is going to take twice as long as it should because I have to slowly switch all my pages to my new, (much better) system. Anyway, besides update, I would like to mention that the "button that does nothing" still does nothing--I swear. You can press it, but I am not responsible for the consequences. With that in mind, back to work for me. . .

November 16, 2003:
Some may say I merely got lost; others may be more inclined to think that I flat out vanished. . . Okay, some even felt I died. Regardless, lets just say that I'm now back--and DAVIDENDLER.COM is going to be badder than ever!! (You choose how to interpret that last line.) Anyway. . .

Let me tell ya! Sure, it literally took me "Many Moons" to figure out how in the world to have a scrolling text box, but now that I have one, life is good. Even better, YOU, the ever important (oh please comeback) web surfer benefit from my new-found knowledge because you can read more text than you ever could before. How great is that!?

So, now that I have all this extra writing space, what exactly should I say!? Hmm. . .how 'bout a joke!? NO!? You're right, I'm not funny. I guess I'll just get straight to business. . . In regards to my site, numerous changes are everso slowly occuring. I estimate all changes to be complete by the end of November. Speaking of changes, I'm not going to mention everything that I'm toying with--or even anything for that matter--I'm just going to let the evolution of Davidendler.com be seen by it's loyal viewers. . .(Three by my count). . .I figure since the site has been void of updates for so long than any changes will be readily appearant. . .

Well, I guess that's about all I need to say before I get back to work. . .Oh, and don't press the button that does nothing. . .I mean, that's because it does do nothing. . .Uhh. . . I warned you. . .Not my fault!!