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Welcome Inside: DavidEndler.com
. . .And . . .You're here. . .You actually fell into coming to this site You actually thought the exit button would take you away. .. mwa ha ha ha. . .cackle cackle. . .cackle. . . .Anyways. . .Nice of you to come. . .well. . . it's time for you to meet "da man". What makes him "da man"!? Journey through the site and find out. . .
(Editor's note: David Endler is "da man", "da one" ,"da incredible incredible" among others because frankly, this is his website, and considering he is creating it all, he is free to make whatever outlandish, entirely-not-true comments he likes. . .But he promises he'll tone it down from here. . .Really. . .
Version 4.3
Major Updates
8/17/03 Added Games Page 2; Durham's Anti Site 1st build.
8/18/03 Added Site Archives; Durham's Anti-Site 2nd build.
David's Update Extravaganza. . .
So, what update do you, the viewer, think should be added next to the site. ..

different music (it hurts my ears.)
better interface (it hurts my eyes.)
a new secret page (it won't hurt anything.)
all page titles switched to banners. . .
more games. . .(I'm bored. . .)
more links. . .(what a resource!!)

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Help page,  Meet the World Page, Rival Site, cont. revamp.
Email for Webmaster:
Well, would you look at that. . .davidendler.com turns one week old today. . .Hooray. . .To celebrate, I've changed me' pictures--and you might possibly get two updates even!! The first one is in fact already up. . .Yep, as you can clearly see by looking at all my cool buttons. . .I've added a Site Archive . ..What's this for, you ask!? Simple, the archive holds all of davidendler.com's old material. . .like my former pictures and text. By looking at the archive, you can relive all my funny quotes, or in somepeople's minds. . .not funny quotes. . .If anything, you can get a feel for how the site started, and where it has gone too. . .(hopefully up--not down). . .Basically, it is like you watching davidendler.com's biopic or something. . .

Now, to end my latest rambling of words. . .a random picture of two cats sittin' by the window!! Alright!!

Well, it has come to my attention that eventually people may get bored of reading the same things over and over and over and over and over. . .. and. . .over. . . .again, and thusly, you will uh. . ."semi-annually" get new text here .. . to read . . .and well, try and figure out who taught david endler "Englashe". .. .
You surely noted when you got to davidendler.com today, that I  created some random banners for my frontpage, and my homepage. .. The banners serve no purpose. . .they don't link to anywhere. .. they're are just you're basic, average, shamless advertising. . .(Well, At least mine are creative. . foo. . .)
Anyways, As you can see there are new adventures for you to like adventure on. ..so go click on those links and enjoy yourself. .. or continue to curse my--and this site's--existence. .. what ever suits you best. . .Enjoy!!
Expect a massive update soon. . . .you will be amazed. . .if anything by the amount of free time i have. . .3rd build of the anitdavid is also up. . .though it still has some bugs. . .
What!? Still no updates. . ? Ya, progress is slow, but you will still be amazed, I assure you. . .Anyways, look at the picture, and forget about updates. . .Yes, it's a kitty, updates will come. .. look at the kitty. .. what a nice kitty. .. . .awww .  . .