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Version 1.2
Trying to figure out how to make a site in need of no changes even better. . .? Let me tell you. Updating! A lot! For those who want to know what this site was like during it's childhood, this is the place to find it! Or, you can simply take a stroll down Memory Lane and remember how the "Perfect Site" was back then, and how even more "Perfect" it is now. . ! 
8/17/2003: Added Games Page 2, along with Space Invaders and Simon, provided link to anti-site, uploaded first build of anti-site, added some new buttons for links to home page and games pages. . .
8/16/2003: Finished work began on the 15th. Animated titles have been added to the front page, along with new text on the home page. . . .Added a links page, changed the interface on the home page, and added a new poll!
8/14/2003: Added link to rival site, added my email, and an email link. Posted the award my site won on the front page.
8/13/2003: First Major Edition, added games to play, a poll, and the update page, along with back buttons.
8/12/2003: Minor Changes, fixed spelling errors, ect. Began campaign to get the site's name out.
8/11/2003: First Major framework of the site. Made two versions of the start page, eventually deciding on the current version. Put up the message board, and the home page, along with adding the music. . .
8/10/2003: DavidEndler.com is registered as a domain name.